4 Skincare Tips to Help You Maintain Beautiful Summer Skin

Every season there are few changes that you must make to your skincare routine in order to maintain healthy looking skin all year round. As we spend more of our time in the sun, we must be sure we are doing our part in keeping our skin a priority. 

Here are 4 quick skin care tips to help you maintain beautiful summer skin. 

1 SPF! 

Please Please Please wear sunscreen all year round! There are different kinds of sunscreens for various areas of the body. Use a light facial moisturizer with SPF (sunscreen) to work as as dual purpose to moisturize and protect the skin from harsh sun rays. Lack of protection from the sun can result in skin discoloration and signs of aging including wrinkles. 

2 Exfoliate! 

Exfoliating is very essential when maintaining healthy skin. Scrub away the chlorine or the ocean using a salt/sugar scrub, loofah or exfoliating gloves will help remove dead skin cells creating a natural glow. 

3 Get a Wax! 

So many may feel a particular way about the topic of waxing. Save yourself 20-40 minutes in the shower trying to not to cut yourself and simply get waxed! The results last longer, and the hair grows back slower after every time. Waxing is a natural form of exfoliating, helping to remove the dead skin cells eventually allowing new hair to properly grow out, causing minimal ingrown hairs. 

4 Lighten Your Skincare Routine!

It's the time of the year when it gets HOT! The last thing you want is wearing heavy creams that will feel like it's weighing you down. Use lightweight moisturizers and body oils for the warmer months. 

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