Now that you have gotten your kids back into school, the fall season is rapidly approaching, and its now time to prepare your skin as the months start to cool down. Review the following 7 steps to assure you are transitioning your skin from summer to fall.

1 Evaluate your beauty products

One big mistake that we all have been guilty of is continuing to use the same products all year round. Just as the seasons change so should your beauty products. The type of lotion that you may use during your summer vacation should be different from the cream that you use when its 20 below outside. Skin care products have various benefits and features that are appropriate for specific times of the year. Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones, where you live in a location where there’s warm weather all year then this doesn’t apply to you.

2 Don’t stop using sunscreen

Sunscreen is a product that protects your skin from the sun and the harmful UV sun rays, which helps prevents skin cancer (which is on the rise). You do NOT have to be laid out on the beach, sun bathing in order for you to have to wear sunscreen. Many make the mistake of not using sunscreen at all. Sunscreen or in other words, SPF, has been put in moisturizers specifically for your face to make it easier to add to your skin care regime. Protecting your hands and neck with SPF is just as important during the cooler months.

3 Give Your Hands & Feet extra TLC

For some reason, hands & feet get the least amount of attention once the fall and winter season rolls around. As we get older our age starts to show first in our hands and feet. Constantly moisturize, exfoliate and massage your hands and feet is really imperative as the seasons change in order to keep the looking young. Trust me, I understand, you may be too busy to take time to get a manicure and pedicure every 2 weeks. Exfoliate your feet and hands while in the shower or bath and following up with oil or heavy moisturizing cream to lock in and seal the moisture. Use cuticle oil which, can be easily purchased at your local drug store.

4 Natural is always best

Using natural and organic products serves so many purposes and has countless of benefits. This particular tip isn’t just for the fall season. When evaluating your skin care products, check out the ingredients. If the first few ingredients aren’t organic or natural, then 9 times out of 10 it’s NOT! But specifically, during the colder months essential or natural oils are heavier on the skin and hold moisture in longer. Have you ever put lotion on and hours later you’re ashy again? Well, with essential oils, the hydration doesn’t leave the skin.

5 Exfoliate!

We can’t say it enough of how important it is to exfoliate your body from head to toe. The dead skin cell that are sitting on top of your skin needs to be removed in order for you to experience that long lasting natural glow! For the colder months, exfoliate your body with an oil based body scrub preferably infused with heavy essential oils, such as the Nzuri Body Essentials Exfoliating Body Polish.

6 Update Your Moisturizer

While previously, we discussed checking your products and changing them out. Our skin potentially gets really dry and brittle and it’s important to use a cream with a thicker consistency rather than a thin lotion. You’ll find yourself having reapply multiple times throughout the day… and who has time for that?!

7 Relax yourself, you deserve it!

We are all busy, taking care of many things at once. Take the time to relax yourself in the comfort of your bathtub. People typically take more baths in the fall and winter months. Take a really warm bath and relax those muscles after a long day of meetings and taking care of the kids. Add a little bath (natural) salt or bath soak to help loosen those stiff joints that tend to stiffen or swell. It also promotes a great night’s rest.

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