Discover Your New Skincare Routine with the Nzuri Body Essentials Spa Box

Self-care is vitally important to the quality of your life! Sounds a bit extreme, well in reality, it isn’t. Think for one moment what would happen if you continue to pour from a half empty container, sooner than later, it will become empty, depleted and even dry over time. We “preach” self-care all the time. If you do not take time out for yourself, you will NOT be in any condition to be there for those that you love and depend on you.

That is why we have decided to bring back our Spa Boxes. It was a huge hit in 2020, partially because so many were stuck at home and desperately needing something, ANYTHING to help cope with the “shelter in place” that we all were experiencing. Even though things have slowly changed more and more places are opening up, the need to take time out for yourself hasn’t. 

We have put together a Nzuri Body Essentials Spa Box that encompasses the basic essentials for your skin care routine. Allow us to walk you through the process….

·      Begin with our Organic Spa Bath & Shower gel – in the shower of tub, apply a generous amount for cleansing 

·      Next, gently pat dry and while your skin is still damp, apply our Organic Body Oil

·      As a bonus (and our favorite part) follow up with our infamous Triple Whipped Body Souffle

·      To seal the deal, spray your entire body (and linen if you desire) with our Hydrating Body Mist

As a double bonus, we have included exfoliating gloves, bath bomb and shower steamer!  

We are confident that you will absolutely love this spa-inspired combination of products that will leave your skin feeling supple, smooth and revitalized.  Remember, self-care is not selfish!

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