Let's leave old skin care habits in the past and start new ones in 2020

Happy New Year! Thank you for sticking with Nzuri Body Essentials yet another year. In 2020, we are out with the old and in with the new skin care routine to maintain youthful glowing skin. 
One major step that should be implemented all year around, but especially in the winter months, is using eye creams or eye serums. 

Do you include eye creams or serums in your daily skin care regime? 

Eye creams and serums are created to ensure that your skin is getting the necessary hydration and protection around your eyes. The skin around the eyelid and underneath the eye is 10 times more delicate than any other areas of the face. 
Eye creams are meant to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles that appear over time. Many people think the appropriate time to start using eye creams are in their 50s or older. That is completely false! 
One of the first signs of aging is puffiness, sagging, and wrinkles around the eyes. Whether you're in your 20s, 40s, or 60s, you should be protecting your skin using an eye cream or eye serum. Sunglasses are also a great stylish way to protect your skin from harsh winds and UV rays while outdoors and exposed to the sun. Your eye cream or serum should be included in your daily skin care regime in order to maintain healthy, youthful skin. 
What kind of eye cream should I use? 
Because of the around your eyes being very delicate, the skin can become very dry and sometimes flaky being exposed to harsh winds and very cold weather. When choosing an eye cream look for gentle creams with ingredients such as almond, oil, glycerin, argan oil, and/or jojoba oil for those who have dry and sensitive skin. 
For those who have fine lines and wrinkles around the eye, (otherwise known as Crow's feet) you would be interested in products with ingredients such as vitamin E, C, grape seed extract and/or retinol to smooth and firm the skin. The lines and wrinkles stem from sun damage and muscle contraction such as squinting, and smiling. 
For those who have dark circles underneath their eyes, look for cream or serums which include ingredients such as SPF, vitamin C and E for brightening and sun protection. 
There are so many benefits and reasons why eye cream should be included in your daily skin care routine. With consistency, your skin will survive another harsh winter. Your skin will glow better... and your makeup will appear smoother. 

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