Let's Normalize Self Care for Men

It's very common for some men to correlate self care and femininity, when in all actuality, one has nothing to do with the other, especially in regards to skincare...
Self care is simple, taking care of ones self. That's it!
Some men may possibly have this perception on self care due to the whole idea behind self care, is mainly dominated by women. 
Men typically don't know how to ask or what to do, when they want to feel pampered. They just know that they want it lol. In most cases, men depend on their spouse or girlfriend to fulfill these needs. 
Here at Nzuri Body Essentials, we encourage our men to not only practice self care, but also establish a skincare routine. 
1 Cleanse
When it comes to cleansing, most men use a bar soap or whatever they see in the shower...Let's treat our men to a luxurious Eucalyptus Organic Spa Bath & Shower Gel. It's handmade and infused with pure Eucalyptus Essential oil to help soothe muscles without stripping the natural oils of the skin.


2 Exfoliate 

Very few men exfoliate, let alone, knows what it means to exfoliate. Our Eucalyptus Exfoliating Body Scrub made with Pacific Sea Salt helps scrub away all the dead skin cells, allowing for new natural skin cells to glow through. While you're in the shower simply, take a small handful and massage the skin in circular motions for best results.


3 Moisturize

Lastly, moisturizing the skin is one of the key components to achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Our Eucalyptus Triple Whipped Body Soufflé is made with Jojoba oil and Glycerin, keeping the skin soft all year around, even in the roughest climates. This is the miracle product for those hard working hands and feet.  

This father's day we want to encourage our men to create the ultimate skincare routine by cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing their skin.

It's essential and the key to achieving soft, healthy looking skin...and there's nothing feminine about that! 

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