As we are approaching the fall, the hot summer days and nights will be a memory! We thought it would be a great time to address some myths about skincare and hopefully answer any questions…

 MYTH BUSTER #1 – Exfoliation is not necessary - FALSE! Exfoliation is very necessary and should become part of your skincare routine, Exfoliation helps to rid your skin of dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing. 

  • MYTH BUSTER #2 – Sunscreen is ONLY for the summer – FALSE! You should wear sunscreen ALL YEAR-ROUND to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays causing signs of aging and dark spots.
  • MYTH BUSTER #3 – Oil is best used for summer months only – FALSE! Although oil not only feels great on your skin in the summer, but it also is great when used during colder months. Here is a perfect opportunity to share that layering our oil followed by our triple whipped souffle is like double the moisture!
  • MYTH BUSTER #4 – Facial wipes are the same as washing your face – FALSE! Facial wipes should NOT be your primary method of removing makeup or cleansing your face! You can begin your cleansing routine by using the facial wipes but it always best to use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup or dirt.
  • MYTH BUSTER #5 – Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer – FALSE! Moisturizer is a MUST in your skincare routine, no matter the skin type. It is essential to properly keep your skin moisturized whether your skin is dry, oil, normal or combination.
  • MYTH BUSTER #6 – African American’s do not need sunscreen – FALSE!!! We cannot express how false this thought process is – you should always wear sunscreen; your ethnicity should not dictate that decision.
We hope that we have addressed and/or confirmed any beliefs that are not quite accurate with regards to your skincare routine! Nzuri Body Essentials cares about your entire skincare routine, it is important to us that you take care of the best and biggest organ of your body.

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